Virtue’s Children Nepal is an All-Volunteer Foundation...

…fully dedicated to the purpose and challenge of saving and improving lives of disadvantaged children in one of the poorest regions of the world.

Our progress in Nepal is completely dependent upon the generosity of supporters who believe in our goals and wish to join the team effort for the underprivileged children in Nepal. When you plan your charitable participation, please consider the purpose of our work and the maximum extent to which our contributions are utilized for the direct support for the children we serve.

Any and all donations are fully appreciated and are used to the best purposes as determined by our responsibilities to the children and our concerns in Nepal. Scholarship support provides for all school and living expenses. Choices may be considered by donors, however, in respect to their interests and amount of donation. If a particular purpose for your donation is important to you, please indicate accordingly when submitting your contribution.

brass plaqueAny amount will assist us in supporting and improving the facilities for the twenty-little girlfour girls that reside in this new orphanage constructed by VCN.  Besides the basic provisions of food, shelter and schooling, we need to continue to furnish this home with study desks, lockers, recreational equipment and supplies, clothes for play, school uniforms and all items necessary to any young girl’s good life.  Our goal is to provide a respectable, comfortable standard of living that these orphans can enjoy and proudly celebrate as their “home?

For a small amount of financial support the lives of destitute children in Nepal can be literally transformed.  For children who experienced only tragedy and misfortune in their early years, education can totally reverse their circumstances.  So many of our children have survived horrendous beginnings and have gone on to achieve remarkable success in their studies and professions as well as building stable, gratifying, personal lives.

When a donation is made for the purpose of a one-year scholarship, it does not automatically assume year-to-year responsibility to the child. We are most grateful for on-going sponsorships, but continued provision must be the choice of the donor. If, for any reason a sponsor cannot continue with their support, the child will not be at risk. In such instances we will support from general program funds while we seek an alternative sponsor.

100% of all scholarship support will be used directly to serve the student.  It is this easy and inexpensive to provide a path for a credible life to a deserving, neglected Nepali child.  

Undirected donations of any amount placed into our General Funds Account are used primarily for emergency care and placement of children, as well as medical assistance and other urgent uses.  While donations for this fund are not specified, financial support is most necessary to the rescue and support of children until problems are resolved or sponsors are found.

Donations can be made through the “Google ? Donate?button or by checks mailed to our office address below.  All contributions will receive a U.S. tax-deduction, acknowledgement letter as well as our lasting appreciation for your valued help to our cause.




PO Box #411563, San Francisco, CA 94141-1563,  
1 (415) 626-8178

No funds are allotted for U.S. salaries, international travel expenses, office rent or special benefits. Designations of donations are determined by the U.S. office and supervised by the board of directors.

Allan Aistrope, Shawn Connolly, Wendy Brewer Lama
Penelope Rose, Rajeesh Shrestha