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The aftermath of the earthquake devastation in Nepal will present unparalleled challenges, especially for children. The numbers of children orphaned by loss of family will be tremendously high. VCN will do all we can to assist and rescue these young victims, but your support will be needed. As you can, please help us in this effort with your contributions to our cause.

Nepal continually ranks as one of the poorest countries in the world and the numbers of displaced, abandoned and orphaned children in Nepal continue to grow dramatically.  We don’t need to search hard to find the children that we aim to rescue and serve.  Years of experience and our reputation for successfully aiding disadvantaged children have placed us front and center with Nepali friends and programs committed to helping those children living in the most desperate circumstances.   

Our mission in Nepal is an ongoing effort to:

  • Rescue homeless and orphaned children and provide them the education and training necessary to self-esteem and independence.
  • Provide blind children the opportunity for training and education.
  • Provide treatment and education to physically impaired boys and girls.  
  • Assist impoverished orphanages and non-government programs serving the special needs of their children.

We operate without U.S. salaries, office rent or benefits, but always with special affection and parental concerns for the children in our care. We directly manage all expenses and payments in Nepal from our U.S. office, assuring our supporters of responsible management and that we are making every effort to reach and serve the most children possible.

"Father! Father!' Joy shone in the sightless eyes of the children at the Amar Singh school in Pokhara, as they ran to embrace Allan. Their faces wore beaming smiles as their curious, sensitive fingers traced patterns on our hands and arms. We were there to distribute many scholarships from Virtue's Children Nepal and its sponsors, providing a vital and rare opportunity for physically challenged kids in Nepal. And it wasn't just the funding for which these beautiful children were so deeply grateful -- scholarships were handed out along with a generous helping of love, and it was obvious that the love flowed both ways. Scholarships for the blind, food and education for squatter children, home, education and medical care for orphans, sweaters and goods for victims of leprosy. Our time with these projects were rare and privileged experiences. VCN is life and hope to many of Nepal's most desperate and deserving."

Medford Leake
Carbondale, Colorado, U.S.A.

"We have been part of Virtue's Children Nepal for many years and we were fortunate to have visited Nepal to see our sponsored children and their good lives.  The support of these children is truly life altering - for them and for us."

Jon and Laura Marcaccini
Eveleth, Minnesota, U.S.A.





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